Maddhu by Mevan

Photography: Wim Steijven
Model: Thijman Bos

The Maddhu label brings together core elements of good design, quality material and fine tailoring in harmonious balance. Designer Mevan Kaluarachchi creates timeless clothes that can be cherished season after season.

A name whose origin goes all the way back to the millennia-old Sanskrit ‘madhu’, meaning honey or sweet, the word in Sri Lanka and Japan also means ‘in the middle’, the middle path, or the happy medium. As it happens, it’s also the Sri Lankan nickname for a second child – and that’s why it was designer Mevan’s childhood name. Now he’s naming his own fashion label in honour of the balance and harmony the word evokes.


De Wasserij

Sint Agathastraat 54

3037 SH Rotterdam

The Netherlands