Mevan Kaluarachchi
Today it’s not enough for your outfit to be stylish. It also has to be original. Small touches of originality, such as the length of a pair of trousers, or the colour of a pair of socks, can transform common items of clothing into a unique look.

As a well-travelled man, my inspiration for my creations comes from being open to the world – different cultures, and different art forms; art, architecture, and film.

I like to create designs with strong personality that resonate with the character of the person wearing them. I don’t want to force the person into the shape of my clothes, I want my clothes to fit the person; clean cut, good fit, thoughtful detail, and the right material are key. This, to me, is the definition of “tailoring”.

The “Mevan” label brings out two collections per year, and each collection is an entire summer or winter wardrobe – unique pieces to take you from one season to the next.

My years of experience working as a designer since 2008 have clarified my credo: no nonsense, no frills; just make it work. I like my designs to do their job, feel good when you wear them, and last a long time, so they can be a part of your distinctive, individual wardrobe and travel with you, wherever you go.