About Mevan

Mevan Kaluarachchi’s passion for clothing design is a life-long journey that has taken him from Sri Lanka to Europe, won him a prestigious award from Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam at the launch of his career in 2003, and established him as one of Rotterdam’s best-known names for lovingly-crafted and timeless menswear.

Inspired by the craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail of haute couture, Mevan has always treasured fine tailoring. The throwaway culture of fast fashion goes against the grain for him – instead he has made a point of sourcing fabrics by great designers from past seasons to transform into his own creations, in a celebration of timeless design. Just as he himself has collected a wardrobe of great design classics, so his own creations are built to serve their wearers for many years as key pieces that transcend fashion to become classic style.

Mevan has worked with the same tailor, Nabil, for fifteen years, after spotting his talent as the ideal craftsman to bring to life his design ideas. Together they painstakingly craft design pieces in which the position and colour of every button hole matters as much as cut and silhouette. Mevan’s design ideology infuses every part of his clothing from the big idea to the smallest detail.


De Wasserij

Sint Agathastraat 54

3037 SH Rotterdam

The Netherlands